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Ubisoft isn’t having a good time with one of Rainbow Six Siege’s new Operators

Ubisoft has re-inserted Hibana into Rainbow Six Siege’s character rotation after a
temporary fix for the PS4 version’s freezing issues led to a more serious crash bug.

DLC operator Hibana was identified as causing mid-game freezing in the PS4 version last week, leading to Ubisoft removing her from the game as a
“temporary workaround”.

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Shortly after, however, Ubisoft explained that the character’s removal had unintentionally led to another bug preventing players “from progressing past the end of Season rewards popup”. 

“Attempting to click through this popup would result in the game client crashing,” the publisher said.

As a
result, Ubisoft was forced to reversed its actions, re-activating Hibana despite the ongoing issues with the freeze bug. 

“As mentioned in the previous communication, restoring the functionality of Hibana is our highest priority,” added the publisher. “We will continue to work on a solution, and will update you when we have more information available. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Hibana was introduced to Rainbow Six Siege as part of the game’s latest Operation Red Crow DLC. Ubisoft says that it hopes to have a “partial fix” for the freeze bug tomorrow.

UPDATE – 23/11: Ubisoft says the issue has now been fixed.

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