Ubisoft has announced that it is developing a movie that follows a competitive esports team consisting of elderly gamers (via The Hollywood Reporter).

The project is presently untitled, which gives us a lot of scope to pen punny titles. I’m hoping the team is named Spring Chickens, or OAPoggers, or The Elder Goals. Ubisoft is collaborating with the co-writers and co-directors of the comedy movie I Feel Pretty, Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein. Senior vice president and head of Ubisoft Film and Television Jason Altman and director of film development at Ubisoft Margaret Boykin are producing the movie.

The premise is derived from the Wall Street Journal article that centred on the Silver Snipers, a Counter Strike team sponsored by Lenovo. The youngest member of the team is 65-year-old Wanja Godange, known as “Knitting Knight” online. Between the five of them, the Silver Snipers have accumulated almost 4,000 hours in the game, and have an average win rate of 47.8 per cent.

The movie is one more leap from Ubisoft into transmedia storytelling, and it’s also working on Hungry Shark, Watch Dogs, Blood Dragon, and Rabbids animated TV adaptations. The studio’s “incubator” team is focused on developing and transforming its IP to other media with a collective of dedicated creatives. “One of the incubator’s key projects is to translate the essence of video games,” explained managing director Helene Juguet. “Our goal is to translate that into an innovative visual and engaging storytelling in animation.”

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