Development of games for PS4 and Xbox One should get smoother starting next year, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has told GamesBeat.

Responding to a question relating to the delayed release of Watch Dogs and the yet to launch The Division and The Crew, Guillemot said:

"[Development is] harder, because there are so many things to do, so many possibilities. We saw that when we launched Watch Dogs," he explained. "To make sure the mobile works with the seamless multiplayer, with all the things we're bringing, it's more complex. It's always on. There are lots of things to check and control. We didn't do a beta on Watch Dogs, for example, and so it took us a certain amount of time to make everything work.

"We're also at the very beginning. Starting next year, things should go smoother. We're not expecting every game to take longer to make. It's not as complex, I would say, as the jump to PS3. PS3 was extremely difficult to develop on when it came. All our teams had been on Xbox, and they had to learn how to develop for PS3, which was quite difficult at the time."

Guillemot explained that one of the key strategies for bringing down the cost of new generation games is the sharing of assets and resources.

"The first thing is making sure we re-use more effort," he said. "Today, we create a car at one studio, and we don't ever re-use that car in any other game. We need to make sure we can re-use more items that people won't care about. That's one direction we can take, to make sure we optimise our investment."

Source: GamesBeat