Two Worlds II co-developer TopWare Interactive has declared the fantasy role-player a "a huge leap forward" for the genre. And the studio has even teased an as yet unrevealed multiplayer feature, described as "out of this world".

Two Worlds II is the follow-up to the disappointing - but successful - fantasy RPG Two Worlds, released on PC and Xbox 360 in 2007.

It's being developed by Polish studio Reality Pump and US developer/publisher TopWare Interactive.

Speaking to, TopWare managing director James Seaman bigged up Two Worlds II's multiplayer features, including the brand new Village Mode.

Described as a cross between World of Warcraft and SimCity, the Village Mode sees players managing resources and defending citizens in their own city.

Multiplayer-only armour sets and weapons can be created in these cities, then traded with other players.

Instanced co-op missions also require players to get together in groups via a ", Blizzard-esque" lobby system over Xbox LIVE, PSN and on the PC.

The game will regularly download free co-op missions, and challenge your city with dynamic raids and assaults.

Four multiplayer components are planned for the game's third quarter 2010 launch: The Village Mode, seven co-op levels, and the player versus player component.

Seaman described the fourth, yet to be revealed multiplayer component, as "out of this world sh*t".

"We have other fun stuff," he said, "that's just like, this out of this world sh*t, that makes it more MMO. It's just a little different. It's some unique ways to interact with other players, let's put it that way."

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