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Ben Borthwick by on Apr 22, 2022

Two Point Campus showcases its magical Wizardry courses in latest trailer

Two Point Studios has dropped a new trailer unveiling the Wizardry class in school management sim, Two Point Campus.

The Wizardry course will see students able to study a range of magical subjects. Some of these include brewing potions in the apothecary or telling the future with a mystical crystal ball. Alternatively, they can transform their fellow students heads into pumpkins, or compete in magical duels in the Spellroom.

It’ll be in your best interest to make sure your students are happy to ensure their learning goes smoothly as the better they do, the stronger their magic becomes. The team also teases an occasional ancient curse and nefarious enemy looming about too, so they’ll likely need it. The studio has been showing off a few of its wacky courses in the last few weeks, including Archaeology back in February.

This marks the first class reveal since the game was delayed into August a couple of weeks ago. On the positive side, the delay gives the team more time to ensure parity between the PC and console versions. In a Community Post last week, the studio confirmed that the new codebase means that any updates or DLC for the sequel will arrive at the same time.

Check out the new Two Point Campus Wizardry Course Reveal trailer below. Two Point Campus lands on August 9 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch & PC.


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