by on Jul 17, 2020

Twitch streamer Sweet Anita is suffering shocking death threats sent from a stalker

Sweet Anita, a popular variety streamer on Twitch, has been threatened repeatedly by a stalker over the course of a year. 

This is a content warning for mentions of violence and sexual assault. 

In 2019, Sweet Anita reported that this stalker visited her town, slept outside her house, and moved permanently so he now lives nearby her own place of residence. He has also assaulted her while wielding a knife, and although he was detained by police with witness statements from Sweet Anita and a friend, he was released with a caution. 

Others have reached out to Sweet Anita to support her during this terrifying time. YouTuber ASMR Glow asked the London Metropolitan Police Twitter account to contact Sweet Anita: “This stalker has broken a restraining order. Her local police is waiting for something worse to happen this is UNACCEPTABLE.” 


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