Turtle Rock's mysterious next-gen shooter Evolve could be revealed very soon, judging by tweets from community manager Josh Olin.

In an update over the weekend, Olin tweeted: "Exciting times fast approaching. #OminousTweet". He later clarified that the tweet was related to business at Turtle Rock, although appears to have deleted the tweet overnight.

Olin's tweets follow another from the studio on New Year's Day, which said: "Here's to hitting the ground running in 2014 ;)"

Evolve has unofficially been on the cards for years, having previously been due for release under THQ. The title was purchased by 2K Games last year during the publisher's liquidation.

Details on the title remain scarce, but it is believed to share similarities with zombie shooter Left 4 Dead, a series originally created by Turtle Rock before being snapped up by Valve.

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Source: @JD_2020