The Xbox 360 release of Tropico 5 has been delayed until November, Kalypso has announced. The console port of the dictator-simulator was originally due to release this summer.

To make up for the delay, the Xbox 360 version will contain the game's first DLC pack, 'The Big Cheese', at no additional cost.

The Big Cheese, which normally retails for £2.49 on PC, challenges players to "create and promote an artisan cheese brand by introducing a new production chain with the Creamery, a new building that enables you to make the most of Tropico's local goats and llamas".

Despite the update on the Xbox 360 version, there's still no word on when Tropico 5 will make its way to PS4. Last we heard it was due this autumn.

Tropico 5 is available to download now on PC.

Source: Kalypso Media

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