It must be amazing if you make an indie game and events in the real world conspire to make it pretty on-the-nose. In the case of THOR.N, an indie game where you wake up on your 18th birthday and are awarded 50 credits, the ongoing discussions of lootcrates and so on must have had the devs whooping for joy. 

Not to mention that we seem to be sliding into a real life dystopian hellscape of a country. Earning 'Citizen Points' could be mere months away for us all!

Anyway, in THOR.N you wake up on your birthday and are allowed to leave the room you've lived in your entire life for the first time, to 'achieve citizenship.' Your Guardian is a kind of AI manifested as a giant floating face, and has a soothing female voice, and explains that earning credit 'makes us better humans' and gives us 'something more than others.'

This should end well. THOR.N is out on PC on December 1, as part of Humble Bundle's Humble Original programme.

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