Ascaron and 93 Games have announced that TrackMania DS, the handheld version of the popular racing series, is to be released across the UK on November 21.

Developer Firebrand has crammed a lot into the DS cart with Desert, Rally and Stadium environments offering plenty for race fans to get stuck into. Rally courses require expert handling across dirt paths, asphalt roads and winding, hilly tracks. In the Desert environment players negotiate chain bridges and giant potholes through dusty, stony canyons. When racing in Stadium, the most famous TrackMania environment, it is all about speed and style.

Each environment has its own vehicle type, delivering three distinct styles of gameplay: Rally tracks put players in an ultra light vehicle with immense power and great handling, In the Desert it's down to sensitive suspension and handling skills, and in the Stadium players will take control of the iconic TrackMania car, a stylised F1 racer.

TrackMania DS will also feature single cartridge multiplayer for up to four players and a 3D track editor for making and sharing your own circuits.