The Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod has been an inspiration but it remains too early to talk about plans for the assumed to be in development Just Cause 3, Avalanche Studios boss Christofer Sundberg has told Eurogamer.

"It was a very positive surprise for us," said Sundberg. "When the community takes such an interest in your game, it's a very solid stamp of approval.

"We reached out to the guys quite early and obviously gave them our blessing. The JC2-MP team has done a fantastic job. They are a super-talented group of game developers that I'd love to work closer with them in the future, despite the physical distance between us."

Sundberg said that the studio had hoped to create a multiplayer mode for Just Cause 2 but didn't happen "for budget and timing reasons".

An official multiplayer mode may be included in Just Cause 3, however.

"The multiplayer mod has been really inspiring to us," Sundberg said. "We have been discussing what we'd like to do with the Just Cause IP in the future, but it's too early to talk about it just yet."

The Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod is due for release on December 16.

Source: Eurogamer

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