Super Meat Boy creators reunion is doubtful

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Tommy Refenes, one half of the design team behind the critically acclaimed Super Meat Boy, has poured cold water on any hopes of him reuniting with Edmund McMillen in the near future.

Speaking during an interview  with VideoGamer's own Josh Wise, Refenes didn't indicate that the pair have had a falling out of sorts, but rather, are now on 'different paths.' He remains a fan of McMillen's work, however.

'We are on two different paths that I doubt will cross again. 'Our individual paths are going to bring more and better games to the fans while keeping us both happy with the work we’re doing,' explained Refenes. 

Elsewhere, Refenes spoke about Super Meat Boy Forever, saying it was originally supposed to be a 'little three month project.' That was back in 2014, almost five years ago, so obviously things didn't go to plan.

Refenes also touched on the possibility of an endless runner Super Meat Boy. You can read the full scoop here.

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