Tomb Raider will feature a multiplayer mode, Square Enix has confirmed.

Leaving Crystal Dynamics to put the finishing touches to the game's single-player campaign, Tomb Raider's online mode is being developed by Deus Ex: Human Revolution studio Eidos Montreal, and will be formally revealed in the next issue of OXM US.

"I know you all will have dozens and dozens of questions," Crystal Dynamics' community manager Meagan Marie said on the game's official forums, "hang in there.

"OXM has the exclusive details for now. We'll have lots of information coming out of CES in early January. I can't answer much (anything) until then."

Tomb Raider's multiplayer was first rumoured last month after a pulled listing at GAME suggested that a team-based competitive multiplayer would be included.

Amazon is also offering a "top-secret" pre-order incentive due to be revealed early this year, which we suspect may be a multiplayer-based bonus...


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