The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports of Tomb Raider will both run at 30 frames per second, executive producer Scot Amos has confirmed.

Confirmation follows comments from Crystal Dynamics last month, which said that it was "still optimizing the game for both platforms and will be doing so until we release to manufacturing so that we get the highest performance possible," leading some to believe that the game could render at 60FPS.

But that isn't the case, Amos told Eurogamer, confirming that the game will run at 1080p/30FPS on both platforms.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is an enhanced version of last year's top action-adventure, featuring improved visuals and a tweaked character model of Lara Croft, plus all of the game's post-release DLC.

The game launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on January 31.


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