Titanfall 3 is not in development

Titanfall 3 is not in development
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With Apex Legends out now, you may be wondering what's become of the long-rumoured Titanfall 3, right? Short story: It's not happening. 

Speaking with Eurogamer at a recent press event for Apex Legends, Respawn's Drew McCory confirmed that Titanfall 3 is not in development, and it doesn't sound like it'll be a thing anytime soon, either.

'The world thinks we’re making Titanfall 3 and we’re not – this is what we’re making,' he revealed. 'To try and convince a skeptical audience for months with trailers and hands-on articles, we’re just like, "Let the game speak for itself" – it’s the most powerful antidote to potential problems. We’re doing a free to play game, with essentially loot boxes, after we were bought by EA, and it’s not Titanfall 3. It’s the perfect recipe for a marketing plan to go awry, so why have that – let’s just ship the game and let players play.'

This will probably come as a bit of a disappointment for many, as Kotaku reported back in late 2017 that Titanfall 3 was in development at the time. Evidently, whatever the team was working on became Apex Legends instead.

It's a shame too, as Titanfall 2 was a bloody fantastic game.