Titanfall 2 receives Postcards from the Frontier DLC

Titanfall 2 receives Postcards from the Frontier DLC
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EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced that Titanfall 2’s latest free DLC update will be called Postcards from the Frontier and will be available to download from August 29. Postcards from the Frontier adds a new Live Fire map, a new execution and brings more maps for the Frontier Defense game mode. 

The new Live Fire map is called Uma, and features bottle-necked corridors with combat taking place across three arenas. These corridors are flanked by doorways, balconies and windows that’ll create plenty of shooting opportunities. Cover is provided by a large central divider with a long flank that leaves you open to long-range attacks.

Frontier Defense, the game’s wave-based co-op mode, introduces some new maps to defend: Exoplanet, Drydock and Angel City. Exoplanet is set on a biological research station on a remote Frontier world, Drydock is, like its namesake, a dock for spacecraft, and finally there’s Angel City, which was the largest multiplayer map in the original Titanfall.

There are also eight new Elite Weapon Warpaints, though these are merely paid cosmetic extras and have no impact on the game, other than jazzing up your gear.

Titanfall 2 was recently made available on EA and Origin Access. To get access a paid subscription to EA Access or Origin Access is required. Membership grants access to pre-release trials of games, a 10% discount on EA digital purchases, as well as full-game downloads from The Vault. It costs £3.99 per month, or £19.99 for the year.

Titanfall 2 is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.