by on Jun 5, 2018

This Super Mario 64 mod gives Mario an Infinity Gauntlet

Not content with revamping Super Mario 64 into something that resembles a Fortnite-eseque battle royale mode, YouTuber Kaze Emanuar has now given Mazza's pioneering platformer an Infinity Gauntlet.

That's right, Mario can now slip on the massive glove, made famous by Avengers Infinity War baddie Thanos, to do all sorts of cool things — including wiping out half the enemies on the map in an instant. 

In addition, he can also fly without having to put on a wing cap and can even shoot power stars out of his hands. What's not to love about that?

If you fancy seeing the portly plumber murdering legions of helpless Goombas, then check out the video below. 



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