Resident Evil 2 modders are at it again this week, with the latest tinkering to Capcom's survival horror revamp adding costumes based on Shinji Mikami's 1999 PlayStation gem, Dino Crisis.

Thanks to CrazyPotato, Claire Redfield can now dress up as flame-haired protagonist Regina, while Leon gets to cosplay as Dylan Morton. There's also a new Glock handgun to pick up in the Raccoon Police Department's main hall, while Sherry's rocking a brand Dino Crisis-themed jacket.

Sadld, there's no dinosaurs to blast so you'll have to make do with zombies, but hey, it's still pretty neat. You may recall that Capcom actually included a nod to Dino Crisis back in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, as a Regina outfit could be unlocked for Jill Valentine after completing the game.

Pop on over to NexusMods to grab it, and don't forget that the free Ghost Survivors mode is available to download for Resi 2 now. 

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