This is how well the new Helldivers 2 Emancipator Mech works against Terminids

This is how well the new Helldivers 2 Emancipator Mech works against Terminids
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The Helldivers 2 community recently unlocked the Emancipator Exosuit Mech after completing the most recent Major Order. But, many players have already written off the new Stratagem as being too weak to be viably used by most players. With Arrowhead Game Studios recently being accused of going too far when it comes to nerfing and balancing, the new Mech is the most recent example of this.

Two robots stand in a rugged, desert-like setting. One faces a blazing fire near a tent with a flag, while the other observes. The screen displays mission objectives: "Eliminate Dreadnator." This scene appears straight out of Helldivers 2.
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U/Bloo_Sky took to Reddit to report their findings on how well the new Emancipator Exosuit Mech fares against the Terminids and whether it is a Stratagem that players should be adding to their load-outs. Here are the findings:

  • Kills Bile Titans to the head in around 40-45 shots (Way more than the autocannon sentry for some stupid reason)
  • Kills Chargers to the head in 10 shots
  • Kills Chargers to the leg in 8 shots
  • Kills Bile Spewers in 4 shots
  • Kills Brood Commanders in 2-4 shots to the head

They then concluded the post by saying “Overall better at killing more medium to “heavy” (chargers) than the Patriot, but very poor ammo economy for Bile Titans taking almost 1/3 of your ammo to kill one.”

U/Youssef-Elsayed replied with what most of us have been thinking, and my number one reason as to why I never use the Exosuit saying “They REALLY need to introduce some way for us to resupply the Exosuits if they don’t wanna increase the damage.” U/Civenge gave a solution that would prevent the Mechs from being too overpowered, and it could work, saying “What if resupply was another Stratagem slot? Meaning taking 2 slots overall? Think a backpack slot, that can resupply any mech.”

Many players noted that a Stratagem should as a Mech should not be as weak as it is, including u/pewciders0r who said “I don’t usually complain about balance but this is borderline sabotage considering this should be the one that gets the playerbase excited again. While u/Ok-Education-9235 believes that the new Emancipator wasn’t play tested saying “The playtest team (if they even exist) used this heap of scrap metal and decided “yeah, seems good.””

With Johan Pilestedt now taking on the role of Chief Creative Officer, and updates being slowed down to focus more on testing balancing changes, hopefully, things will get back on track, as it is apparent that players don’t like that every weapon feels as weak as each other. Although most weapons aren’t in a good place right now, to find out the best load-outs to use in your next mission, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide, along with our Stratagem tier list.