The Witness is on track to sell more during its first week than Braid managed in its first year, the creator of both games Johnathan Blow has revealed.

"I am glad so many people are enjoying The Witness! It is nice to get so many notes from people who appreciate the game," he Tweeted.

"It's hard to talk about numbers without breaking NDAs, but The Witness is on track to sell more in a week than Braid sold in its first year, and Braid was a hit indie game! (I'll let you know if this officially happens!) Which is not to be too money-oriented, it's just great that we'll be able to make the next game at a comparable budget level (maybe bigger, we'll see!)," he added.

The Witness was funded partly through Blow's own money made from sales of Braid, plus borrowed money to ensure the game was finished to the standard he wanted. Thankfully for Blow, sales have been so good that this borrowed money has already been paid back.

"The borrowed money is paid off already, so that is great," he revealed on Twitter. "Now we are refilling the part of the budget that I put in."

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Source: @Johnathan_Blow

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