The Crew will feature microtransactions that allow players to purchase new performance parts using real-world money, Ubisoft has revealed.

The crew april

The system appears to be similar to the monetisation model found in many free-to-play games, with players able to earn in-game credits by completing missions and challenges, or short-cutting the process by purchasing currency with real cash.

"We can confirm that performance parts can be unlocked through progression as well as microtransactions," a Ubisoft representative told "All content can be unlocked through progression, but for busy gamers who want to save some time, they will have the opportunity to buy some items in-game."

Judging by an earlier Q&A, the model appears to be divided into two individual forms of currency: $ and Crew Credits.

"Everything in the game has got this dual currency approach," creative director Julian Gerighty told us during a recent press tour. "We're not going to stop you from progressing [if you don't spend money], but it'll be more time."

What isn't yet clear, however, is how Ubisoft intends to avoid situations that could lead to pay-to-win scenarios. For example, could a player purchase additional upgrades using real money to give them an advantage over another equally-skilled player?

It also raises questions for Ubisoft's other online-only RPG The Division. Could that be due to implement microtransactions as well?

The Crew launches later this year on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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