Today is the International Day of Peace, and the games industry’s social media is getting in on the good vibes. Xbox UK kicked off proceedings by sending a tweet out to PlayStation UK, inviting them to dinner. Unfortunately, despite the good intentions, perhaps PlayStation really doesn’t jive with things being Better Together.

PlayStation UK doesn’t seem to want to get down with any cross-platform shenanigans, giving a blunt, and kind of harsh, response:

Obviously PlayStation UK prefers to just roll solo. EA UK didn’t want to miss out on any potential for fun, deciding to not only invite itself but everyone else, and it even suggested a few locations with a poll. The choices are Nandos, Pizza Hut and Wagamama’s. It’s a no brainer though. It’s gotta be Nandos, standard. All about about the Extra Hot Piri Piri chicken.

The Formula 1 2017 and DiRT 4 developer, Codemasters, seemed to have been forgotten and had to ask if it could also come along. EA UK quite clearly wants everyone to join in, perhaps it wants to split the bill?

Seems like Sega and Activision aren’t invited though. Savage.

You aren't fooling us though: we know companies aren't real people.

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