The Resident Evil series breaks 100 million units sold worldwide

The Resident Evil series breaks 100 million units sold worldwide
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The Resident Evil series has now surpassed 100 million titles shipped since its inception in 1996 (via Eurogamer).

At the end of March, Capcom announced that its IPs are continuing to chug along nicely for the company. Monster Hunter has shipped 63 million copies in total, Street Fighter has reached 44 million copies in total, and Resident Evil had just about made 98 million sales in total by the end of that month.  

Now, the powers of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 combined (6.5 million copies sold and two million copies sold respectively) has tipped the series over the 100 million units mark, which is cause for celebration. With regards to the future, Capcom stated that it “remains firmly committed to satisfying the expectations of all stakeholders” and aims to  “leverag[e] its industry-leading game development capabilities in order to create highly entertaining gameplay experiences.” I think a lot of other video game companies share this same ambition. 

There are rumours that claim Resident Evil 4 will be remade, just like Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. M-Two, founded by former PlatinumGames head Tatsuya Minami, contributed to the development of Resident Evil 3, and apparently the studio used the game as a “practice” run for Resident Evil 4. There are a few key differences between the Resident Evil 3 of 1999 and of 2020, one of them being the addition of new enemies and quick time events. These enemies are strikingly similar to the Plagas of Resident Evil 4, which could count as evidence of a remake.

Let’s not get too hasty, here. Capcom’s latest “larger remake project” could in fact be Dino Crisis. The company had expressed a wish to return to the survival horror series, but qualified that it would require extra resources to help out. If M-Two are available, it could be a candidate for a collaborative enterprise. We’ll keep you in the loop once we know more.

Resident Evil 3 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.