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The Pokémon Unite announcement is the most disliked Nintendo video ever

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The Pokémon Company and Tencent revealed Pokémon Unite in a livestream yesterday, and the upcoming strategy title is dividing opinion.

It’s a free-to-start game which is on its way to Switch and mobile devices, and it will have crossplay. The MOBA-like gameplay will pit two teams of five players at either end of a map. The players, playing as a Pokémon, will begin at level 1 and gain experience and levels by catching new Pokémon and battling the opposing players. Which moves the Pokémon learns is up to the player, and they’ll have one unique Unite move to use, kind of like an ultimate. The team who scores the most points by the end of the match wins.

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The new partnership between Tencent and The Pokémon Company was disclosed back in July 2019, but the Pokémon community were convinced that the announcement was to be about a new entry to the series. Let’s Go Johto trended on Twitter, and other theories included remakes of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, a new Detective Pikachu game, and a version of Pokémon The Trading Card Game for the Switch. Sometimes, stuffed toys sat behind a The Pokémon Company executive are just stuffed toys sat behind a The Pokémon Company executive, and they aren’t clues towards a certain game.

A portion of fans are communicating their displeasure by disliking the announcement on YouTube, and right now, the Pokémon Presents video has 166,000 dislikes. It’s the most disliked video on YouTube from Nintendo in history, which is a shame. Pokémon Unite melds MOBA-like mechanics with the approachable and recognisable Pokémon IP, which might be just what people want from a co-op strategy title. And, it’s free-to-start, so if you try it and you’re not a fan, then you’ve lost nothing! Chill. Please.

Pokémon Unite is in development for Switch and mobile devices.

Pokémon Unite

on iOS, Nintendo Switch
Pokémon Unite

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21 July 2021