Sony's Cory Barlog has confirmed on Twitter that PS4-exclusive juggernaut God of War will not include a Season Pass. No further details were provided, so we're still none the wiser regarding the team's plans (if any) for post-launch support.

This could mean that if Sony is planning on fresh content it'll be free, as a Season Pass is essentially a way of nabbing paid DLC on the cheap. If this is indeed the case, then any God of War DLC is unlikely to be too substantial, as developers aren't exactly known for rolling out major expansions without asking us to dip into our wallets first.

God of War will be unleashing its unique brand of monster-eviscerating mayhem at some point in 2018. Right now it's looking increasingly likely we'll see the game arrive on PS4 in March, and Sony's indicated that a release date announcement could be just around the corner. 

If you fancy splashing out on Kratos' next adventure then you should probably have a gander at the God of War Stone Mason Edition, which features a copy of the game plus a host of extra content. 

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