The Finals fans can get two free rewards by watching Twitch Rivals tournament

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One of the best aspects of The Finals is all of the amazing cosmetics and drip in the game. Since launch, Embark has provided many community events and opportunities for players to earn free rewards. Now another opportunity is on the cusp with today’s Twitch Rivals tournament. Here you will find how to get the new free rewards on offer by watching The Finals Twitch Rivals tournament happening later today.

The first patch update for The Finals Season 3 should arrive this week, and fans all agree on the first Season 3 weapon that needs nerfs. In addition, many in the community are not happy with the removal of Cashout from Ranked in favor of Terminal Attack to make the game “more tactical and competitive“.

While the changes to Ranked haven’t pleased fans, the community is hoping that today’s Twitch Rivals tournament will encourage more users to play the game. Whether you care about eSports or not, you may want to watch the event live so you can get a free reward.

How to get The Finals Twitch Rivals rewards

Per the Twitch Rivals Twitter account, the two rewards on offer during today’s tournament for The Finals are a Dragon Tooth Gun Charm and a Dragonskin Polearm.

The Twitch Rivals tournament is scheduled to begin at 2PM PT/5PM ET/10PM BST on June 18th. Embark’s Dragon Tooth Gun Charm is exclusive to the Twitch Rivals tournament, and you must watch the event on a participating player’s channel. The required watch time is 1.5 hours, and a full list of the participating players can be found below:

  • nate
  • Balise TV
  • Joe_Bartolozzi
  • Zeusy
  • Mikaveli
  • its_WiKeD
  • sYnceDez
  • Jay3
  • oualid
  • custa
  • daltoosh
  • Dezingful
  • DetailedTV
  • LuluLuvely
  • carnifexGG
  • ottr
  • Gigz
  • neteX_
  • Iycommit
  • lyric
  • suppress

As for the Dragonskin Polearm, you can get this by watching any streamer play The Finals with Twitch Drops enabled. The required watch time is two hours.

To get the Twitch Drops rewards, you must first ensure your Twitch and Embark accounts are linked:

  1. Sign in to your Embark ID
  2. Click Connected Platforms
  3. Connect the platform you play on if you haven’t already and then click the Twitch button
  4. Sign in to your Twitch account
  5. Authorize Embark

Once you meet the watch time requirements, the rewards should be found in your Twitch Drops inventory. You should then be able to claim them in-game.

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