The Bad Batch Season 2 Cast

The Bad Batch Season 2 Cast
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The Bad Batch Season 2 is promising fans a cast of familiar voices playing a combination of returning characters from The Bad Batch season 1 alongside characters appearing for the first time.

With the latest trailer for the series teasing the remaining members of The Bad Batch still on the run from the might of the Empire. While, simultaneously, trying to eke out a living among the stars taking on a variety of mercenary missions found for them by Cid (Rhea Perlman).

How long can these clone heroes remaining out of the sights of their brother, Crosshair, and how long before they find themselves caught up in the growing rebellion against the Empire?

Who’s starring in The Bad Batch season 2’s cast?

Dee Bradley Baker returns as Hunter, Tech, Echo, Wrecker, Crosshair, Captain Rex, Clone Troopers

Voice acting legend, Dee Bradley Baker, returns to voice not only the heroes of The Bad Batch, but to voice every single male clone trooper that appears on screen.

A gargantuan feat for any actor, but one that Baker has been doing since The Clone Wars theatrical movie in 2008. With his starring performance as heroic clone leaders, Captain Rex, and Commander Cody, imbuing each with their own unique and distinct personality and voice. Before going on to do the same for every single male clone trooper who appeared in the movie, and in every episode of the following The Clone Wars animated TV series.


Now, in The Bad Batch, he brings his talents to the fore once more, bringing to life the honourable and stoic Hunter, leader of “The Bad Batch”, and along with his brothers, the protector of the young clone, Omega.


Then there is the brilliant, efficient, and coldly logical, Tech, who sees the galaxy through the prism of its technology and his ability to use and manipulate that technology for the good of the mission and his brothers and sister.


Along with Tech, there is Echo, the tragic Arc Clone Trooper, thought lost at the height of “The Clone Wars”. But, in fact, a prisoner of the “Separatist” army who turned him into a cyborg in order to use his years of tactical knowledge and training to their own advantage in the war.

Having been rescued by his clone brother, Captain Rex. Echo serves honourably and faithfully among his brothers in “The Bad Batch”, often acting as the voice of reason and caution when it’s needed most.


Then there is Wrecker. The lovable and simple minded trooper with a heart almost as big as he is tall. The most childlike of the group, Wrecker has a special bond with Omega, as he can often see the galaxy from her perspective when their brothers can not.


Forsaking his brothers in “The Bad Batch” to remain in the service of the newly formed Galactic Empire, for as he so often cites in the series’ first season “Good soldiers follow orders”. Crosshair is a cold and deadly marksman with a keen and unerring aim who cares only about seeing through the objective of his mission.

Captain Rex

Captain Rex, a hero of “The Clone Wars”, serving nobly as part of the legendary 501st Clone Squadron under the leadership of Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker, and his apprentice, Ahsoka Tano. He was one of the first clones to become aware of the inhibitor chip planted inside him and his clone brothers for the day that the Sith Lord/Republic Leader Darth Sidious/Sheev Palpatine, chose to activate his deadly Order 66 command in order to seize control of the galaxy by betraying the Jedi.

Now, a wanted fugitive on the run from Palpatine’s “Galactic Empire”, Rex works in secret with Senator Bail Organa as part of Organa’s growing rebellion of galactic citizens opposed to the new Empire.

The Clone Troopers

Finally, the Clone Troopers. At the time of The Bad Batch season 2, the Clone Troopers who fought in “The Clone Wars” are still in service to Palpatine and the Galactic Empire, though many of them question the truth of Palpatine’s declaration that the Jedi betrayed the republic. With many troopers silently doubting the truth of this supposed treachery after so many years fighting alongside the noble Jedi heroes.

Michelle Ang returns as Omega

Played once more by Michelle Ang (Neigbours, The Tribe, High Flying Bird), Omega is now a fully fledged member of “The Bad Batch” and can be seen in the most recent trailer for the series taking part in mercenary missions with her brothers, acting as a capable warrior in her own right.

And although the latest trailer doesn’t show it, there is a high likelihood that the Empire could still be seeking Omega for the secrets that she possesses, not only in her DNA, as an unaltered clone. But also the secrets that she holds within her mind from years of being by the side of the Kaminoan cloning scientist, Nala-Se, as she carried out her work.

Rhea Perlman returns as Cid

Celebrated actress, Rhea Perlman (Cheers, Matilda, The Mindy Project), returns as the no-nonsense and shrewd information broker and cantina owner, Cid.

With her cantina still appearing to act as a headquarters and safe haven of sorts for “The Bad Batch” in between the mercenary missions that she finds for them. Cid has become a trusted friend of the clones, proving her loyalty to them as they proved her loyalty to her, with her also having a particular soft spot for Omega.

Matthew Wood returns as the voice of the Battle Droids

Renowned sound designer and editor of the Star Wars prequel movies in addition to almost every Star Wars Universe project since. Matthew Wood has served as the voice of the robotic menaces, the Battle Droids, in every Star Wars project since the prequel movies. And in the latest trailer for the series, his vocal talents can be heard again as “The Bad Batch” heroes once more find themselves in a fight with their oldest enemies.

Wanda Sykes plays new character, Phee Genoa

Making her debut into the Star Wars universe with The Bad Batch season 2. Veteran Hollywood actor and comedian, Wanda Sykes (The New Adventures of Old Christine, House of Lies, Black-ish) stars as Phee Genoa. A mysterious character, who based on the series’ latest trailer, appears to come to “Cid’s Parlor” cantina in order to hire “The Bad Batch” for a mission. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2024-03-24 

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The Bad Batch Season 2 cast FAQ

Who are the 5 members of the Bad Batch?

The members of “The Bad Batch” or “Clone Force 99” are Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, Echo, and then Omega who joined in Season 1.

Originally “The Bad Batch” was made up of Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, Echo, and Crosshair. But Crosshair chose to side with the newly formed “Galactic Empire” over his clone brothers.

Who is the clone girl in bad batch?

Omega is a young clone of the bounty hunter, Jango Fett. However, unlike most of the other clones, including her brothers in “The Bad Batch”. She ages at a normal human rate, as she was never given accelerated aging as most of the other clone forces were.