As promised yesterday, a new cinematic trailer has been released for upcoming open-world racer Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown, along with a few more morsels of information on the return of the storied Test Drive series.

While the racer had previously only been confirmed for PC, the latest trailer reassures us that the game will indeed be heading to consoles too, with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch all featuring on the trailer. An accompanying press release says the latest iteration of the series will include "dream cars, customisation, avatars, competition, open world casino and style" too, and naturally there'll be a host of licensed vehicles with Land Rover and Bentley both going "head to head" in the footage.

Publisher Nacon and developer KT Racing promise more information will be coming in the "next chapter" which they're dating for July of this year, so we'll hear more from the game (including possibly an idea of when we can expect the game to launch?) then. For now, check out the new trailer for Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown for yourself below.


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