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by on Nov 23, 2021

Terminator: Resistance gets new Annihilation Line story DLC featuring Kyle Reese next month

Reef Entertainment and Tayon have unveiled a new Annihilation Line story DLC for movie shooter Terminator: Resistance, arriving next month.

The DLC picks up right in the middle of the game’s story, just after the human Resistance have defeated their first Infiltrator unit. (That’s the Terminators that look like humans, in case you’re not up to speed.) The fabled resistance leader John Connor has assigned you, Jacob Rivers, to assist an investigation at the Northridge Outpost. There you’ll team up with another key figure from the original 1984 movie in the form of Kyle Reese.

You’ll fight alongside Reese and his own team of resistance soldiers as part of the four-hour mini-campaign. Crucially, this takes place before the events of the movie, so it’s up to you to ensure he makes it through alive to start off the whole saga. We’re also promised other new characters exclusive to the DLC. There’ll also be new foes to fight including the T-600 and HK Centurion.

There’s a trailer for the new DLC, which you can check out below. The Annihilation Line DLC will arrive for Terminator: Resistance on the PlayStation 5 and PC on December 2. Unfortunately, it sounds like the DLC won’t be available on the PlayStation 4 (or any other) version of the game, but those who own the main game on PS4 still get the PlayStation 5 upgrade for the main campaign free when they make the jump.


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Terminator: Resistance

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Terminator: Resistance

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