Temtem, the mini monster hunting MMO, got a patch that adds extras to the endgame and the feature is comparable with the Safari Zone from Pokémon Red & Blue (via GameSpot).

Patch 0.5.12 adds the Saipark, which is like the Safari Zone that was first introduced in Pokémon  Red & Blue in 1996. The Safari Zone is a special arena wherein the Trainer may catch Pokémon without the need for battling, which is a relief for both parties. The Saipark acts in a similar way, and it’s only open to players who’ve reached the end of Temtem.

It is the first natural reserve in the whole Archipelago, and will be home to two different types of Temtem each week. These monsters will be a little different, though, because they might be more likely to be Luma, or possess egg moves, or even have guaranteed minimum SVs. Due to these differences, normal Temcards won’t work. Saicards will be needed instead, and these only work within the park, and will expire by the end of the week. 

An initial fee will be presented upon entering the Saipark, and players get a pack of Saicards in that charge. However, each time the player purchases Saicards, the entry fee increases. At present, which Temtems that are in the park are not announced in the game, but developer Crema is working on a solution for that. Interested parties should check out its social media feeds for the latest information about the Saipark.

Another addition in patch 0.5.12 is the Vault. It does what it says on the the tin: it gives the player even more storage for their items. The Vault is accessible through a Temporium and items in the Vault will stay there in between resets, and promo code items will be found there automatically. 

Temtem is in Early Access for PC. Read the patch notes in their entirety here.


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