Telltale games released Bone: Out of Boneville last year, but they've been hard at work on the next instalment in the episodic adventure game ever since.

"The episodic model has been working very well for us. As promised, we're releasing this installment very quickly after the first, and we're very excited about the number of advances that we're adding to The Great Cow Race," said Telltale CEO Dan Connors. "Out from Boneville established the framework for the series and helped us get robust technology and systems in place. We identified a number of things we wanted to improve upon - such as the length of the experience, the nature of the mini-games and nuances in a number of areas - and the team is doing an outstanding job exceeding our expectations."

Bone fans will be able to download and purchase the game from the official website in April, or a special DVD version can be ordered that contains a number of value-added extras. If you're not sure if the Bone series is for you, the game can be played for 30 minutes free of charge.

For more information head over to the official website.