This is what a Bokoblin torture chamber looks like in Tears of the Kingdom

This is what a Bokoblin torture chamber looks like in Tears of the Kingdom
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Bokoblins in Tears of the Kingdom are an ever-present annoyance that you will constantly have to deal with as you venture through Hyrule. However, one player in particular has seemingly reached the end of their rope with these frustrating creatures after they created a torture container designed to cause them as much pain as possible.

With these pig goblins often surrounding many of the shrine locations and Skyview Tower locations in the game, this particular Zelda fan’s dedication towards eradicating their existence is entirely understandable. After all, no one likes climbing a structure only to be sent tumbling down by a flimsy Bokoblin arrow a few minutes later.

Yukino_san_14, the creator of the torture chamber, shared a graphic clip of the invention through a Twitter post. Their short video simply showed Link using the Ultrahand ability on the completed device in order to corral the Bokoblins they were facing into one area. After having clumped all of the enemies together, they subsequently placed the trap down upon the wild beasts, rendering them largely harmless.

Yukino_san_14 would then use the Ascend ability to get up onto a viewing platform attached to the invention so they could watch the Zonai-based destruction unfold before their very eyes. As soon as they activated their creation, a rotating stream of electricity and laser beams bombarded the panicking creatures within the torture chamber.

Although the combatants tried their best to get out of the enclosed space, its near-airtight design prevented them from doing so and the trapped Bokoblins were all eventually obliterated after a few seconds. The snippet would cut off soon after, but it’s safe to say that none of the combatants were left standing based on their quickly deteriorating life bars.

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