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Tears of the Kingdom voice actress clarifies earlier comments on Link and Zelda’s relationship

Tears of the Kingdom Link Zelda relationship
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Updated 23 May – Zelda’s voice actress Patricia Summersett has posted a fresh statement clarifying her earlier comments on Link and Zelda’s relationship in Tears of the Kingdom.

The statement itself (as flagged up by Eurogamer) reads as such: “The quote I gave “As a voice actor, looking at the overall relationship between Link and Zelda over the ages, I personally love the ambiguity and that if there is something there, it’s left to us” does not imply that Link and Zelda are a romantic couple. The quote means that we are all in different types of relationships – w/friends, family, loves, colleagues, pets, trees, dubious food… it is not up to me to determine. Hopefully these relationships are wonderful and inspiring.”

Sadly then, it seems a dose of cold water has been poured onto the dreams of Zelda and Link shippers for the time being – but we’ll leave the original story as it was initially published below.

Original Story: Link and Zelda have long been the two of Nintendo’s most prominent characters and their appearances in Tears of the Kingdom have only solidified their influence within the video game industry. After appearing together in several installments throughout the years, series fans have often asked about the nature of their relationship. Now, it seems we are finally getting a definitive answer to this long-standing question so we will no longer need to scour the internet for answers or mere fan-fiction.

Although this crucial piece of information isn’t as important to Tears of the Kingdom as finding all 15 Skyview Tower locations, it still satiates a majority of the fan base’s curiosity. Hardcore Zelda loyalists in particular will finally be able to rest their weary heads as their minds will no longer be buzzing with questions surrounding the protagonists’ vague relationship status.

Tears of the Kingdom and Princess Zelda voice actress Patricia Summersett has revealed in an interview that the titular character and Link are in a relationship. Summersett went on to say that the relationship is “active” and that “there’s a lot of care and a lot of listening,” which she just loves.

Players who initially got a glimpse of Zelda’s house and its contents in Hateno Village also had an inkling that the two protagonists had gone steady. Since this was previously considered Link’s home back in Breath of the Wild, many were surprised to see the Hylian hero’s wall decorations replaced with pictures of Hyrule’s landscape.

Tears of the Kingdom Link Zelda relationship

Now that the relationship’s been confirmed, it’s become clear that the princess simply decided to throw out the cool weapon decor to opt for a more welcoming design instead. The single, queen-sized bed within in addition to the two chairs and plates at the table also indicate that these two lovebirds’ relationship is still going strong even with Zelda constantly needing to be saved.

Now that you know Link and Zelda are going steady, check out our guides for all stable locations and shrine locations so you can have an easy time finding them.

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