Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced the development of Galactic Taz Ball for Nintendo DS. The new game stars Taz, the frenetically fantastic Looney Tunes character, and will be released across Europe in May.

"Taz is one of the most popular characters in the Looney Tunes family, and with Galactic Taz Ball kids can have fun for hours with action, exploration, platform challenges and puzzle solving," said Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President, Development and Production, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. "This creative game packs all of the wild fun that everyone loves about Taz into a handheld experience with two unique modes of play."

In Galactic Taz Ball, Taz is accidentally kidnapped by Marvin the Martian who's stealing the Earth's landscape to make Mars more scenic. Taz must spin his way across pieces of Earth floating in space to stop Marvin from destroying the planet and get back home.

Gameplay is split into two distinct styles. The "Overworld" is an action-style 3D game playable on the Nintendo DS top screen with track ball controls using the stylus on the bottom screen. The "Underworld" is a side-scrolling puzzle game played on the bottom touch screen in which Taz navigates a maze of active machinery and gadgets.

The game is in development at WayForward Technologies, the studio behind Wii platformer a boy and his blob.