Take-Two believes Mafia 3 has all the components to be a major hit, both critically and commercially, and expectations should not be based on what previous titles in the franchise have achieved.

"This is a title that we're very, very excited about here from the creative perspective, and but also from a commercial perspective," said Take-Two president Karl Slatoff during the publisher's Q4 earnings call. "We think this title has the perfect combination of what people are looking for in open world story based driven title with a lot of things that a lot of games don't have, a lot of time and money is going in to, so we've got a great creative team, team led by Haden Blackman. So we are very excited about this title and the prospects of this title."

He added: "And when you get this right in this particular genre, you can obviously achieve significant success."

"I can tell you that our expectation is that we should be exceeding anything that we've ever done on the Mafia side before, again from a credit perspective and a commercial perspective," he continued. "So you can always look at the previous Mafia titles as the benchmark, but again, I wouldn't stake too much on that, because we think this time we're vastly exceed what Mafia - the previous Mafia - has been able to accomplish over the past."

Mafia 3 launches on October 7 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Take-Two Q4 Earnings via Seeking Alpha

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