Take Two Interactive have been busy over the past few days. Firstly they announce they have bought Sega's former internal studio Visual Concepts (and subsidiary Kush), previously responsible for the entire ESPN range.

Secondly, a rather strange deal is announced with the Major League Baseball Players' Association (MLBPA), whereby third-party developers are not able to use real player names and likenesses - although platform holders Sony and Microsoft can. This deal, said to range between $80-$150 million (depending on what you read), has been commented on as being 'stupid money' by EA, although kudos must be awarded to Take Two for refusing to allow EA free-reign on the whole sports sector. That said, speculation is rife that - should EA feel there is enough money in the baseball-games genre - they could persuade either Sony or Microsoft to publish a title for them. Whether this is an actual plan of EA's is not known. All sports titles (none have been announced as yet) will be published under the 2K Sports label.

And thirdly, Take Two today announced a deal to bring the next Civilisation game to the 2K Games label. As previously reported, the Civilisation franchise was sold by Infogrammes last year, although the buyer was not disclosed at the time. No comment was made on the current status of that title, however.

The deal does not just relate to further instalments in the Civ franchise, however; it is believed to be a multi-title and multi-platform arrangement, although the finer details have yet to made public.

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