The EuroCorp agent which players take control of in Starbreeze's upcoming FPS Syndicate is a bad man and this isn't going to change over the course of the game, EA Partners producer Ben O'Donnell has told

"You're certainly not playing a good guy. You follow him in the narrative, and that narrative will obviously unfold in different ways," explained O'Donnell. "When you first start you're playing as this agent working for EuroCorp, and you do their wet work for them. You have this really high-end chip in your head, and you can do things to people that they really wouldn't want to do - like commit suicide or change allegiance. You're by no means a good guy, you're there to do the dirty work."

But bad guys often get a sudden change of heart, reaching a moral epiphany. Not so in Syndicate, says O'Donnell.

"This isn't good and evil - it's not about that really," he added. "We're following the story of this guys who's an agent, so there's only a certain number of ways that can pan out really, aren't they? [laughs]"

In the same interview, O'Donnell also revealed that EA is sensitive to the Syndicate fanbase, but believes the classic game doesn't hold up so well today.

Syndicate is scheduled for release on February 24, 2012.


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