Latest Switch 2 reports claim 2024 launch, though backwards compatibility is unclear

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According to the latest reports, a Nintendo Switch 2 could be launching as early as 2024, though it won’t feature an OLED display.

While an official Switch 2 release date is nowhere near seeing a confirmation, it hasn’t stopped the latest claims that it’s going to be seeing a release next year. According to VGC, who have spoken to “multiple people with knowledge of Nintendo’s next-gen console plans” the new hardware is set for a release in the “second half of 2024.” Alongside these claims, Nintendo Switch 2 development kits are also apparently in the hands of key partner studios.

The originators of these claims also pose that the Nintendo Switch 2 is going to feature an LCD screen like the original, alongside an increased internal storage.

While the claims come from unnamed sources, they do line up with other financial reports and rumours corroborating a 2024 release date. For example, a PixArt financial report is hinting that a “Japanese game machine will be launched early next year, ” according to Notebook Check. While the original claims suggest an late 2024 release, these reports suggest an early 2024 release – which is quite soon in the grand scheme of things.

Ultimately, the claims are fairly unfounded, and predicting a 2024 release for the console is pretty boilerplate at this point. We’re fairly sceptical of many claims pertaining to the Switch 2’s launch, although the claims that it will feature an LCD screen aren’t inspiring, nor is the fact that backwards compatibility is still unclear.

We’re going to keep an eye out for the latest on the Nintendo Switch 2, but in the meantime you might be interested in a refresher on the latest PS5 Pro release date rumours.

Sources: VGC, NotebookCheck

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