Super Mario 3D World has entered the Japanese video game chart at No.2 shifting just 99,588 units, according to data released by Media Create.

Sadly for Nintendo the release of a new Mario game didn't spark a huge demand for the Wii U, with console sales up from 15,906 to only 21,002 units. Life to date Wii U sales in Japan are only 1,190,956.

The latest title featuring the plumber and supporting cast was easily beaten to the top spot by Square Enix's Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII, which sold 277,082 units on PS3.

Whilst this looks like a success next to Mario, looking back over the series' history tells a different story. Final Fantasy XIII sold 1.5 million copies in its first week, whilst FF XIII-2 sold just over half a million copies on PS3 in its opening week. That's some series franchise decline.

It's also worth noting that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have now sold over three million copies in Japan.

Source: NeoGAF

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