Richard La Ruina's controversial Super Seducer, a game that teaches blokes how to bag themselves a date with women by using various psychological trickery, has been denied a PS4 release by Sony.

The game was originally meant to hit Sony's flagship console yesterday, although a report on the BBC has confirmed that the format holder has banned the title. Despite this, Super Seducer is readily available on Steam for a knock-down price, though has received overwhelmingly negative feedback from users.

Just in case you were curious, Super Seducer gives you various live-action sequences revolving around meeting a women in a public place, and lets you decide what to do next to win her over. One segment includes the options 'start touching yourself to get her turned on' and 'use checking out her earrings as an excuse to touch her.' 

La Ruina, who describes himself as Europe's top pick-up artist, is depicted in the game and at some points is accompanied by a pair of scantily clad women while dishing out his homemade advice. 

Sony's official blurb on the whole affair is that Super Seducer 'will not be made available.' 

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