by on Apr 27, 2021

Super Mario Party gets huge surprise update today adding online multiplayer to three modes

Nintendo has released a surprise update to 2018's Super Mario Party, which finally brings online multiplayer to the game's board-based modes.

As the update's patch notes on the Nintendo of America website note, this patch adds online play to Mario Party, Partner Party and Free Play (Minigames). It also now supports the Nintendo Switch's recently-added Invite Friend feature, and allows you to play these modes in either Friend Match where you play with people on your Friends List or Private Game where you can play with anyone using passwords.  

The latest entry in the long-running party series did launch with online multiplayer, but it was mainly restricted to a specific 'Online Mariothon' mode that didn't include any of the title's board-game like modes and just ten of the 80 minigames available. After this update, only ten of the minigames aren't playable, and you can find a list of which ones those are in the update notes here.

It's a much welcomed—if long overdue—update for Super Mario Party, but to its credit the lack of online play didn't stop the title's success, quickly becoming the fastest selling entry in the series to date following its launch on the Nintendo Switch in October 2018. 



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Super Mario Party

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