Super Mario 64 may be 22-years-old, but that hasn't stopped people from fiddling with Shigeru Miyamoto's defining platform adventure all these years on. 

Modder Kaze Emanuar has come up with some pretty awesome results in his time with the game, including introducing Sonic as a playable character. More recently however, he's now got Mazza's Nintendo 64 behemoth up and running in widescreen at a buttery-smooth 60fps.

It wasn't an easy task either. The original Super Mario 64, which came out in 1996, ran at around 20-30fps. However, it wasn't simply a case of doubling the game's frame rate; Kaze had to tinker with the physics too, as speeding things up actually caused a few technical hiccups to rear their heads. 

The end result is pretty impressive, so be sure to give it a look below. 

Speaking of Mario, if you haven't already tried his Switch debut, you probably better give it a go; Colm thought it was nothing short of amazing. 

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