Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive is "for now, another sub-1080p game", EDGE magazine reports.

Speaking on the benefits of working on a single format, Insomniac creative director Marcus Smith told the magazine: "When we worked with Sony, that made it easier, because we were focussed on that hardware. With Sunset Overdrive, it's the same thing. It makes it easier for us to focus on the one thing and tap the hardware in a way that we probably couldn't if we were crossplatform."

EDGE then interjects to state that, "for now", the game is another Xbox One title running in sub-1080p.

Insomniac president and CEO Ted Price played down the importance of hitting 1080p.

"We're still working on optimising and we're going to continue to do that," he told EDGE. "We can get into all the technical stuff later. This is going to be a [question] for every game that comes out. People will be counting pixels. For us, it's about the vision: you saw it, you played it. It's about creating a world."

Additional comments from Smith sought to assure that the Xbox One is a good platform to develop on.

"I'll say it's not a difficult system to work on," Smith said. "We're coming from Sony platforms during the last gen! For us to focus on Xbox One has been great, because the guys can really dig into the hardware, and working with our partners [we'll] continue to optimise so we can get more onscreen."

Sunset Overdrive is scheduled to release later this year. Check out the first gameplay footage here.

Source: EDGE | Issue 267

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