Subnautica, the underwater survival-'em-up from developer Unknown Worlds, is officially heading to PlayStation 4 later this year. 

A critical darling upon its PC and Xbox One release earlier this year, Subnautica is set at the tail end of the 22nd century, at a time where humanity has begun colonizing planets in outer space. The game kicks off as you crash on a mysterious aquatic planet, armed only with a hunting knife and escape pod.

Naturally, you'll have to procure essential supplies to stay live, so you'll spend a lot of time hunting for food, drinking water, and of course oxygen. Eventually you start to venture out into the vast ocean and begin establishing a base of operations, where you'll gain access to a craft to facilitate your underwater excursions. 

To be honest, Subnautica is one of those games that isn't really all that exciting on paper; you need to play it to really understand how compelling it is. So yeah, no point in me waffling on here.

Subnautica will be released on PS4 in holiday 2018. Check out a trailer below.

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