Popular Stealth adventure Styx: Master of Shadows is getting a sequel built on Unreal Engine 4 and set for release in 2016, Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studios have announced.

Styx: Shards of Darkness comes with the promise of a bigger budget and bigger ideas, delving deeper into a more complex narrative and fully realized world.

The sequel has already been in development for six months, with the first screen seen above.

The setup for the sequel is explained thus: "Following the fall of Akenash tower, an extraordinary matter has forced Styx out of hiding to infiltrate Körangar, the city of the Dark Elves. Supposedly impregnable, a diplomatic summit offers Styx a chance at slipping in unnoticed, as he learns that the event is nothing but a mere façade... Moreover, the Elves have joined forces with the Dwarves, and the only thing both races have in common is a mutual hatred of the Goblins."

Shards of Darkness hopes to offer players "unparalleled freedom of movement, along with refined stealth and assassination mechanics".

Those yet to give Styx a go can do so with a 66 per cent discount currently available on Steam.

Source: Focus Home Interactive

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