New kid on the block Gamecock Media Group has announced it has joined forces with Firefly Studios to launch its next game. Hero is in development for PC and a single next-gen platform - which hasn't been announced - and is said to be the first game to take players into a real dungeon.

With a blend of action and RPG gameplay, Hero will use Firefly's new HD engine to deliver a richly detailed and complex world. Players will have to master melee, ranged and magic skills, and a new mode of fighting called 'Close Combat' will see players brutally fighting through vast crowds of monsters. Players will also have the ability to fight alongside a friend.

"When we discussed working with them again, they asked if we wanted the next Stronghold or an original title. The team was insanely passionate and committed to the new original title, so it was a no-brainer for us, we choose that," said Mike Wilson, CEO and Head of Marketing for Gamecock Media Group. "They understand that consumers want something more than another sequel and we plan to support that vision."

Hero is scheduled for release in spring 2009.