Street Fighter V shipped without one the franchise's key components, Arcade Mode. For a game with roots so deep in the arcade scene it was a startling omission. Thankfully Capcom appears to have been listening to fan discontent and is looking into adding an Arcade Mode.

"The team is looking into adding an Arcade Mode and we'll have more information to share soon," a Capcom rep told Forbes.

The same rep also informed Forbes that the existing Story Mode could receive difficulty sliders in future, which again were absent from the shipped game. A fully-fledged Story Mode is expected to be released as DLC in June.

Let's hope Capcom can get a fully functioning Arcade Mode released as a free download pretty quick, because the game is in need of some positive word of mouth after stumbling to a second place birth on the UK chart.

The game's missing content may have been easier to accept had the launch gone smoothly, but gamers were left waiting for online matches when the game's matchmaking failed. Even last night Capcom was forced to take the servers offline for an extended period of maintenance.

Source: Forbes

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