Street Fighter 6 confirms complete launch roster with 18 characters

Street Fighter 6 confirms complete launch roster with 18 characters
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Capcom’s shown off a bunch of new Street Fighter 6 information at the Tokyo Games Show this week, including details on new fighters, new modes and an upcoming beta taking place next month.

Ken, Blanka, E.Honda and Dhalsim are four classic characters that will of course be coming back for the new game.

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You can check out a new trailer below, and then read on for what we know about Street Fighter 6 so far.

Street Fighter 6 – Predicted Release Date & closed beta

Capcom hasn’t yet given the new entry a firm release date, outside of that 2023 window. That being said, what we’ve seen is already looking pretty polished. Capcom will surely be looking to release the fighter before next year’s EVO 2023 event in August. We’d predict then a launch date of early-to-mid 2023.

The game will launch on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. It’ll also be holding a closed beta from October 7 until October 10. – Which you can read more about right over here.

Street Fighter 6 will include a brand new Tour Mode, and a Battle Hub. On top of that, there’ll be a ‘Modern Control Type’ which should help introduce newcomers into the game. You’ll also be able to pull faces on the versus screen, if that takes your fancy.

Another new mode confirmed for the new game is Extreme Battle. This new mode allows players to set up unique match-ups, where they get to pick a Rule and a Gimmick.

The Rule sets the victory conditions, such as first to five knockdowns or 30 second time limit. Gimmicks meanwhile introduce unique features, like a bull rushing around the stage or beach balls floating around the stage. Check out a trailer for that below.

Street Fighter 6 – Roster additions and more

So far, Capcom has announced a number of new and returning fighters for Street Fighter 6. First off were series staples Ryu and Chun Li, both of which were revealed back in June.

They’ll be joined by relative newcomer Luke, who was introduced as a new DLC character to Street Fighter V earlier this year. Another newcomer by the name of Jamie was also revealed alongside Ryu and Chun Li. Guile was also confirmed to return about a week later.

Earlier this year, Capcom revealed both Juri and Kimberley at this year’s EVO Fighting Championships event. While Juri props up the side for the veterans, Kimberley’s an all-new character for this entry in the series.

Kimberley is described as a wannabe ninja, having forced herself into the tutelage of Street Fighter veteran Guy. Kimberley is also obsessed with the 80s, informing her whole vibe and flair. She also happens to use spray paint cans as weapons, like colourful smoke bombs. Nice!

Juri meanwhile returns for her latest outing, still as thrill-seeking as ever. She’ll have a similar moveset to her Street Fighter V outing, but her moves have had a bit of a polish. Keep an eye out for her Fuhajin signature kick, it can do a lot of damage.

Then, during Tokyo Game Show 2022, we got word of four more additions to the roster. Ken will be returning with his signature moves – but also a new one with the Jinrai Kick.

Blanka is also returning, and now has a set of Blanka plush dolls he uses in his attacks. Dhalsim the yoga master was the next reveal, with his Yoga Arch, Yoga Comet and Yoga Flame attacks at his disposal.

Finally, sumo wrestler E. Honda is making his return – complete with his Hundred Hand Slap, Sumo Headbutt, Sumo Smash and more – as well as new move Sumo Dash.

We then got confirmation of the final characters during a Street Fighter-special presentation at the next day of the Tokyo Games Show. They include Manon, Marisa, Lily, JP, Dee Jay, Cammy and Zangief.

We also were treated to the debut of the game’s opening movie in World Tour mode – which you can take a look at for yourself down below.

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