Steep and Ghost Recon Wildlands will both be enhanced for PS4 Pro, Ubisoft has confirmed to VideoGamer. That's in addition to Watch Dogs 2 and For Honor, which were both shown running on the new console at last night's PlayStation Meeting.

Specific details on how the games will be enhanced for the new console have yet to be confirmed, although animation director Colin Graham says that Watch Dogs 2 will perform "so much closer to our vision" when running on a PS4 Pro.

Ubisoft has yet to say whether any of its existing games, like Rainbow Six Siege or Far Cry Primal, will be updated to take advantage of the new hardware.

PS4 Pro was officially announced by Sony last night and features an improved CPU and enhanced 4.2 TFLOPS GPU.

PS4 Pro launches November 10 priced £349.99. Pre-order the PS4 Pro now from Amazon(?)

Source: Ubisoft

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