Steam sales always tend to sneak up on us. We can be going about our business, and getting on with life when, BAM! It’s time for another Steam sale. Valve rarely gives people much of a heads up on these things, and as a result we tend to wait for leaks.

Lucky for us the folks at Kotaku UK have acquired some information about when the next round of Steam sales will be taking place, and first up is the Steam Halloween Sale, which will apparently take place beginning 6pm BST, October 26, and continues until November 1. That’s this Thursday until next Wednesday, so, pretty soon then.

This will be followed by the Steam Autumn Sale, which is also the Black Friday sale, and this’ll take place from November 22 until November 28. I don’t know about you, but my wallet is already weeping.

Finally, the Winter Sale takes place over the Christmas holidays, and runs from December 21 until January 4, 2018. 

One last thing: don’t forget that Steam no longer runs its notorious flash sales, so all price discounts applied will run for the duration of the promotion.

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